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accounts, a fun-loving is serious bicyclists who commutes by bike. in early december neil and her boyfriend, garret, left the bay area for the bike ride of their lives through south america. now, friends and family are concerned. >> i am completely worried about her. i understand that there are some dangerous areas and the places they were visiting they have warnings for american tourists so i am completely worried about them and the fact that there has been no communication. >> reporter: the couple posted facebook pictures but on january 25th they ended. her twin sifter and younger sister hope it -- sister and younger sister hope it is say communication problem. >> i have not seen anything from her since january 25th. so, to me anything could of happened since then, you know. i hope that she is just having
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a blast. >> reporter: ron hammer talked to jamie by means of skyp stphaoerbgs she called just to say they were having a good time. everything -- skype, she called just to say they were having a good time. everything seemed okay. >> reporter: now, they are putting out a poster. >> we are trying to contact people who are traveling in south america so that they can also get the flyers out to local people. >> reporter: and they are working with the u.s. embassy in peru but worry is starting to set in. >> a little bit. you try have optimism. they have been gone for i mean they have been -- no contact for a month and that is very scary. so, we are very worried. >> reporter: don knapp, kpix- 5. authorities are searching through the tips for the las
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vegas shooting, they are looking for harris, they say he is the one who shot cherry, a local native. tips have been pouring in. yesterday they found the range rover that was found fleeing from the scene. two people were killed when the car cherry was riding in hit a taxi and burned into flames. 10 people are out of their homes after a 2 alarm fire. the police officers on routine parole saw smoke coming out of the building. that is when they called for help and went banging on doors telling everyone to get out. between 30 and 40 residents were forced to evacuate. >> i just heard pounding on the door and opened the door and the firemen were there and said you have to get out. >> the red cross is assisting the fire victims. nobody was hurt. how the fire started is still under investigation. new details tonight about
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mc hammer's brush with the law. the county sheriff's office says the vehicle hammer was in tkaouringing his arrest had expired tags -- during his arrest had expired tags on it. when he was pulled over and then asked for proof of ownership hammer began to argue and then he refused to step out of the car. when he finally did he was arrested for obstructing a police officer. hammer claims that he was the victim of racial profiling. a big night in hollywood as the stars came out for the glitz and the glamour. not every winner was a surprise, a little history did happen. >> reporter: ann, good evening, to you. with 4 wins, "life of pi" took home the most. none were in acting so that
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left room for others. [ applause ] >> reporter: the drama "argo" won best picture. only the 4th time in 85 years that a movie won the top award without its director being nominated. >> i want to thank you, ben. you directed a hell of a film. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama made a surprise appearance. >> i was just asking them outside, was that michelle obama? the whole thing overwhelmed me. >> lewis made history. becoming the first best actor award for his role in "lincoln". >> "silver lining playbook" won for best act res. >> what went through my mind when i fell down? a bad word. >> reporter: in the supporting
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category, "jango unchained" and anne hathaway. >> jessica chastain stopped to sign autographs. other stars were excited to see each other. [singing] >> as promised they packed the show with performances. adele performed her oscar winning title song from "sky fall" and jennifer hudson brought the room to its feet with a song from "dream girl." many were reunited for one day more part of the evening that honored the best hollywood has to offer. what would oscar night be without oscar afterparties. ann you can be sure hollywood celebrities will be spending well into the morning partying and celebrating. >> a good eight or nine hours left. i am hearing talk about ben's
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speech. what do you think was the most memorable moment tonight? >> reporter: you know, i think that will certainly go down as one of them. and, it was pretty unusual for a film to actually win best picture without having its director nominated here. that was exactly the case with "argo" more unusual in the fact that how well it did in the award season leading up to tonight. but he had his moment to shine. one of the producers of "argo" so he was able to make a speech for the win but a lot of people were disappointed that he it not get that nomination, that nod from the academy for directing. but he certainly got acalaids tonight. and oscar gala of a different kind. the academy of friends say fundraiser for selected bay area hiv service agencies. this year's theme "boas, bow
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ties and bubly." >> we change beneficiaries every year. we have six this year. as many as 15. we had really big years. and we look forward to supporting many of the agencies that do fine work around the city and the area. >> this year's event included a silent auction, food, champagne and oscar-viewer party. they are committed to continuing the work until this has passed. the battle between the government and the bay area oyster farm is coming to a head. how the closure will impact you. i am going to cover things thaoer that might not be popular with some of you. >> tkaour egg stop if the bay area, what jimmy carter had cart -- i am going to cover things that might not be popular with some of you. >> during a stop in the bay
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area, what jimmy carter had to say. find out what day can be in the middle to lower 70s, the forecast, next there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ ♪
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farm seems all but certain but the drake bay oyster company has all but one uphill battle left. >> reporter: a long battle outside of drakes bay in west marin. the government wants the oysters grown here to be removed and wilderness to return to the area. wilderness has been winning the battle in courts. the government wants the oyster company out by march 15th. out because the government believes the only oyster farm in california should be bulldozed back into that complete wilderness after 80 years in operation here. the oyster farm is owned by kevin lunny who's family and employees are set to lose everything. >> the type of wind down they have given us is a bankruptcy plan for our family, that is cheer, our people lose their jobs, they lose their homes, half of our staff that lives on the farm they are going to lose their homes, we lose one third of the state's oyster production that comes from drakes bay oyster company.
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>> reporter: and he says the bay becomes dirtier without the clean living oysters. these are the baby oysters in their pens and this is how they begin life. does not take long before they go from small to medium sized all of the way up to the large size oyster you might see in a restaurant. the only chance you really get to look at them is at low tide like this. once the tide comes in they start feeding and filtering that ocean water and in effect spitting out a clean clear ocean water. >> this is the one time the nation has ever seen the federal government actually removing filter feeders, removing healthy shellfish from a system everywhere else in the nation the government is spending the money to put the shellfish in. >> reporter: california has exactly one oyster farm. it involves extremely hard work, a lot of manual labor, hammering shelling just to go out and grow new oysters, he has been here 29 years and now faces the need for a new home,
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new job. >> it is hard to find a house and a job right now. >> where will you go? >> i don't know now where to go. >> reporter: monday, they will rule on a stay for the oyster farm to remain alive. it could be given more operating time as more lawsuits run their course or it might not. in that case, this family will file for bankruptcy. one third of california restaurant oysters will disappear. the bulldozers will come in and oyster farming in this state will come to an end. >> it is hard to even think about. obviously we are trying to, we do have to think about it. we tonight go more towards community because it really is a community resource. it will be a really sad thing to drive by and say that is where the oyster paramedics used to be. >> reporter: david jackson, kpix5. >> just days before automatic
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spending cuts kick in, congress is back to work to head it off. california is in the cross hairs when it comes to spending cuts. education funding could be slashed by $88 million. putting 1200 teacher and aid jobs at risk. one east bay congressman says it comes at the worst time for our economy. >> we are facing a government shutdown and the american people are not going to react positively to that. we are seeing economic growth in our economy and only congress standing in the way of that growth right now. >> reporter: money for the cleanup could be cut. air traffic controllers could be laid off resulting in delays for airports. $85 billion in spending cuts will take effect on friday if congress does not act. our 39th president made a stop in the bay area to talk peace, politics and even the movies. here is a look to the commonwealth club.
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>> reporter: when former president jimmy carter walked on stage in san francisco he had a warning for the crowd. >> i am going to cover some things here that might not be popular with some of you. >> reporter: in his speech before the commonwealth club mr. carter took the u.s. to task for its near he nonstop military actions around the world since world war ii. he criticized the handling of the stalemate in the middle east. >> i am not criticizing my country. i think it is the best nation on earth and proud to have served as its leader. i am pointing out to you in this time of assessment we need to look at what are the possibilities of improving. >> and, for the threats imposed the former president says he prefers the path of negotiations. >> i don't think they will be suicidal to use the nuclear
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weapon. i hope we can prevent it by good faith talks with both countries. >> reporter: he endorsed the movie "argo" by saying he hopes it wins for best picture but the daring rescue was work of the canadian government. those who attended the speech seemed impressed and hopes someone in the current administration is listen. >> is he speaking to president barack obama? is barack obama speaking to him? i think that is important. >> maybe he is right. that is the thing. he has been right about a lot of things long before other people. so maybe he is ahead of the curve. >> reporter: 88 years old president carter is the second oldest living ex-president. he is 111 days younger than president george hw bush. now, you have a beautiful forecast for us? >> certainly is beautiful. the lack of rain will be a
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problem but not right now. just enjoy it. a lot of sunshine. wait until you see how warm it will be after we say good-bye to february and introduce march. now, starting on friday, january, february where we typically in an average january and february, 21 cloudy days, 21 out of 60 but this january and february combined we have had four cloudy days. we will have 0. kpix5 doppler radar is dry down to monterey bay. we will be like that for awhile. a peak outside, clear skies, some of the high temperatures today, cool spot, san francisco, downtown, 60, sanoma, 68, oakland, 65, middle 60s for concord and gilroy, 62 the high in hayward. here is how you will start the morning, wake up, going for the jog, you will need long sleeves. livermore, 36, 38 for fremont and redwood city.
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santa rosa, 36, 46 is the low for san francisco and pacifica. milder on the peninsula because of the proximity of the ocean. it is 53 degrees. a lot of activity moving across the pacific ocean heading towards the west coast. none of that is here because it is stuck to the north. by a big area of high pressure. the high pressure will not move all weeklong. one moving tomorrow. a different one on wednesday, another one on saturday. and, 0, none of the 3 will make it here because of the blocking area of pressure blocking the moisture to the north. only a couple hours to the north. a miss is a mis. mis-- miss. sunshine, 70 degrees, 0 rainfall for the next 7-9 days. morning, chili, 30s away from the water. sunny, mild during the day. high pressure making the closest path to us on friday we will start march in the 70s. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. san jose, 64, we are looking at
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63 for sunnyvale. union city, 62. walnut creek, 62. low to middle 60s, kentfield tomorrow, high, 61 degrees, richmond, 63 degrees. oakland, about 64 degrees. that is the coolest day of the week. we are looking middle to upper 60s by thursday. low 70s for the first day of march. next weekend still sunny and still mainly dry. this is a pleasant pattern to get outside. >> yes. it is. thank you very much. >> yes. we have shown you the best of hollywood at the actors, what about the worst? the results of the razzies, coming up. and i'm dennis o'donell. coming up next on "gameday" a couple bay area outfiledders, one hillbilly jesus. >> i am excited to be back. >> we are going to beat the tar out of you. >> danica makes more history. >> the front was the calmest mace to be. [ laughter ] >> the warriors carrying them
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there once again. all coming up on "gameday"
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land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? despite being panned by critics, the comedy has made almost 94- million dollars, making it the most popular movie so far this year. it wouldn't be academy awards se "identity thief" returned to the top. it is the most popular movie so far this year. it would not be academy award season without good nature ribbing from the antioscars the razzie
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stphaorbgs and the -- razzies. >> the worst picture of the year goes to -- "twilight". >> "breaking dawn ii" picked up 7razzies including worst scene ensemble and actress and it gets better or worse depending on your point of view, the director got the nod for worst sequel. tyler got the worst actor now, "that's my boy" got the worst actor and singer rihanna got worst singer in a movie. we'll be right back.
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color. this isn't what the closest planet to the sun would look like to the naked eye. instead... nasa scientists say it's a composite of man d illustrates the this is not really what the closest planet to the sun would look like to the naked eye but nasa says it say composite of maps and illustrates the many chemicals and minerals that make up this hot planet. 70 day? >> 70 day year. >> "gameday" is next. have a good night
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mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider

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